We know that our customers need to know that their purchase is not going to fall apart, or not be exactly what they want. This coupled with our high dedication to quality, allow for us to have an outstanding warranty on all of the items that SteelWeaver makes.”Everything I make is guaranteed for as long as my hands are attached to my body, and I can work the tools. If something doesn’t fit, if it isn’t the right colour, or if it needs to be fixed because of normal wear and tear, send it back. I’ll fix it, or make it right. A happy customer is someone that will come back for more, and will tell all their friends to come here.”

Possible Problems: 
– a piece needs to be resized 
– a piece needs repair

Send it back! Email us first to let us know exactly what the problem is. In some cases, for instance, making a piece smaller, this can be done on your own, and we’ll walk you right through it if you think you can do it. In other cases, it has to be sent back. There are a few simple steps to get the piece back to us with no additional bills.

For this, you need a FedEx account. These are free, and you can get them online, at FedEx.com, or by calling them, or going by a FedEx location. Once you have the account, you’ll need to print up 2 labels, one from you to us, and one “return label”. This means that the shipment to us and back to you will be charged to your FedEx account. Return packaging is not necessary, but it’s nice if you have it handy. When filling out the labels, you will need to select “bill duties and taxes to:” and enter in your FedEx account, on both labels. This will insure that the package arrives, gets repair, and is sent back to you with the speediest possible service, often within one day! Enter the value of the items inside, choose the method of shipping (fast or slow, whichever you want), and ship the package, as well as the return label. As well, to avoid additional costs, along with the contents, add the comment “Warranty Return for Repairs”. Email us with the tracking information so that we can be around to accept the package.

Previously, regular post was accepted as a method of having the warranty filled, but due to some people abusing this, FedEx is the only accepted method. It’s security for both parties. It proves that a package has actually been sent, and received, and dates for everything. Much more secure than the postal system. We apologize if this is an inconvenience, but it had to be done.

Other Problems: 
– a piece needs to be remade in another metal, due to customer allergy or preference 
– a piece made in sterling, goldfill, gold, or platinum needs alteration or repair

These are very rare cases, but sometimes it happens. Someone doesn’t like the colour, or has an allergy to the metal. Sometimes, a piece just needs to be made bigger or smaller because of personal changes. Each of these cases are discussed seperately.

In the case of allergy or preference needing a piece to be replaced, the cost differences, returns, and choices will be made via email. These pieces will normally be made for the cost of shipping and materials alone, assuming that the original piece is returned in saleable condition.

In the case of precious metal pieces, the costs of shipping and materials will be the only incurred costs as well. The piece needing alterations needs to be sent back, but the condition of the piece is rarely an issue. Of course, if it’s mangled beyond repair, and the piece needs to be completely redone, that will be discussed as well.

In either of these cases, the same return shipping policy as above is necessary.