SteelWeaver is diving headlong into integrating stones into a lot of our work. Most of the pieces that have stones set into them are one of a kind pieces. There are a few “generic” stones that are kept in stock for pendants and keychains and the like. However, if there’s a specific stone, shape, or colour that you are wanting, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Gem Cabochons: These are stones that have flat backs, and are used as pendants, insets, or cameos. Most of these are bought already made, but recently some have been made by SteelWeaver with one of our new machines! Some of the precious stones are Amethyst, Jade, Ruby, Emerald, and natural opals!

Gem Spheres: These stones are perfectly round, and are used as pendants, with tight maille wraps, and in keychains. These are all purchased from outside sources, but we’re hoping to get a sphere making machine for our own uses.

Freeform Stones: These are freely cut and shaped to whatever the stone (or customer) needs. These will either appear as whims of SteelWeaver’s fancy, or custom orders. Any shape stone can be ordered to accent a piece. Just contact us.