There are now many clasps for you to choose from, that are made of pure Sterling Silver, Gold Fill, even Stainless Steel and Titanium! Some only work with specific sized items, so please ask if the clasp will work with what you are ordering.

Bar Clasps: These are great looking, and are really quite secure. One of the more ornate types of clasp that are available. These are the standard O and Bar clasp, which relies on tension and weight to stay closed. Quite secure too. There are basic versions, and ones that are made into designs. If you have a specific style in mind, just ask!

Sterling Silver Slide Clasp: These clasps are meant for wider jewelry, or jewelry with multiple strands of maille. There are 3 different sizes to match pretty much anything you can put on it. They are incredibly secure, as they slide together and lock in the closed position. These are available in 2, 3 or 4 strand configuration.

Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp : This is the most common machine-made clasp in our lineup. Good and sturdy, and made of pure Sterling Silver. This is available in a few sizes, and a couple of different shapes. Whichever suits the piece the best will be used, unless a specific one is needed.

Gold Filled Lobster Clasp: This clasp matches anything made of Gold or Gold Filled rings. It provides a secure hold on your jewelry, and matches the piece completely.

Titanium Lobster Clasp: These are lobster clasps available in only 2 sizes, but are made of Titanium! They can be anodized to match a piece, and are very strong. An excellent addition to the lineup.