DIY Kits

For years, people have been asking where they can get SteelWeaver Do-It-Yourself Kits. They are now available, and in a wide array of metals and sizes. Every kit contains enough rings to make the piece described, along with a suitable clasp. If you have a preferred clasp, just let me know, and it can be added to your kit. Detailed instructions are included with every kit.

Since every person has their own preferred pliers and tools, these are NOT sold with the kits, but if you want the same tools that SteelWeaver uses,  you can buy them for $25 per hand, in addition to your kit. These are the highest quality for jewelry, and are very comfortable to use. You can feel free to contact me to add tools to your order.

If you need to see what the weaves look like, go check out the Weaves Page for clear images of the weaves available.

10K, 14K and 18K Yellow, Rose or White Gold, as well as Platinum kits are available upon request. Prices for these are determined by the market value of the metal. Each kit is quoted specially for your requirements.

Also, multiple kits will be given discounts, so if you have a class you wish to teach, or want to try your hand at making a bunch of items, buy a few kits at once! DIY Kits of unique designs are NOT available.

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