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Apparently the contact form died in some earlier update, and I have to go through and fix the code. So, for now, please email me directly at And if you do NOT get a response from me, please try sending from an alternate email address, as sometimes Yahoo and Hotmail filter email from WovenCreations as spam.

NEW Shipping Policy!

Unfortunately, due to a LARGE amount of “missing” or “undeliverable” packages over 2011 and into 2012, I have had to completely revamp my shipping policies. Regular Postal shipments will no longer be accepted or used, regardless of past successes or failures. The ONLY acceptable methods for shipping will be FedEx, Purolator, or, for Canadians, XpressPost. This is a complete blanket, for repairs, warranty returns, and new orders alike. No exceptions. This is reflected in both my FAQ and Warranty sections here.

This is retroactive as well, so if you have any outstanding orders that still need to be shipped, please contact me ASAP to decide what courier you wish to use. To help ease the “trauma” of an additional cost, for those of you with outstanding orders, I will pay half of the new courier costs to you for the outstanding order.