Where are you located?

We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

What if I place an order, and pay for it, and then decide that it’s not something I want?

If the item is an item that is already made, we can work something out along the way of an exchange of equal value. If the item is a Custom Made item, there are no refunds. If you’ve ordered something and paid for it, the materials and time have already been put into the project. If at all possible, I will try to come up with a suitable replacement, or perhaps another item (Custom or In Stock) that will make things better.

I want a rather large order, but I don’t have the money to pay for it all at once, what can I do?

Let’s say that you want $800 worth of items. All I ask for is an initial payment of 50% or more to consider the order made. We’ll talk for a bit about payment plans, and go from there. There are many people that want certain items but don’t have the funds to pay all at once. That’s perfectly normal. However, the items will NOT ship until the entire bill has been paid. No exceptions. Deposits are non-refundable, as they are used to purchase the metal for your items.

I want a really expensive piece made for me. How much payment is needed as a deposit?

This is a really common question. People like precious metals. But, they are expensive. At the time of the order, the costs of materials, time, labour and shipping will be decided. The entire cost of materials, plus 33% of the remainder must be paid before anything will happen on my end. Again, deposits are non-refundable, as they are used to purchase the metal for your items. I am an artist, not a mega corporation that has money to just toss into materials that may not get used.

What if I want something, but can’t afford the whole cost? Do you have a referral program?

Yes. If someone comes to me saying that you referred them, you will get an email from me telling you how much “referral credit” you have. Some people have gotten entirely free items with this! You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your’s. Of course, the referral credit is only if that person buys something… As another “thank you”, you don’t even have to have been a previous customer! All that you need to do is make sure that the person you’re referring to SteelWeaver knows your email address! It helps to have friends!

I saw something on your site, and decided to price shop around, and found someone willing to do it for less than you. Will you match or beat their price?

In some cases, yes. In most cases, no. I will always ask for the person’s contact information to contact them to see that they in fact are willing to make the piece for that much. They must be a reputable artist, not just anyone. In most cases, when people have asked me to match someone else’s prices, the people willing to make the piece are using inferior materials, or are just trying to make a quick buck. Ask yourself one thing; is this going to be a situation where you get what you pay for? Almost all of the time, someone willing to work for dirt cheap is exactly that. Cheap.

I’ve seen something on another site that I want you to make for me. Will you do it?

In most cases, yes. I will contact the original creator of the piece and ask permission to use their idea. If the piece that you want made is only an idea of something similar that you want, but want something a little different than they have, I will always accommodate you.

Do you rent out pieces?

Yes. The rental process is simple. The entire cost of the piece, including shipping, is required before I’ll ship the item to you. If the item is returned by a predetermined date, up to 80% of the item cost will be refunded, depending on the wear and tear on the item and if I receive any duty or shipping charges. If the item is returned later than the agreed-upon time, it’s too late, you just bought it. Any item can be rented. However, if it’s an item that I think will be difficult to sell or rent again, for instance a very custom item, I reserve the right to refuse rental.

I run a store, and I would like to carry your items. Will you supply items to me?

Yes. There are many stores and galleries out there that are currently carrying items made by SteelWeaver. I will supply any items you want. In all cases, if the order meets a minimum order amount, wholesale discounts will be offered as well. Just email me with what it is that you would be interested in, and I’ll try to accomodate you. If you wish to carry items on consignment (pay when they sell), I will require that there be proof of insurance on each item, before I will send it to your store.

Do you barter or trade for pieces?

On occasion, I have been known to trade for my work. I can pretty much be convinced into trading anything neat or kitchy for my work. Basically, just contact me with what you would want to offer, and who knows? Maybe we can work something out!

Do you share your email lists with anybody?


I love looking at your site, and love seeing all the new things, but I don’t want to receive the randomly timed update emails. How do I go about stopping them?

It’s simple. If you don’t want to get the emails, or you are getting double emails (this sometimes happens when people have multiple email addresses that they have used to contact me), just send me an email saying to stop, and the email address(es) that you want removed. I spend a lot of time sending out those little discount and update emails to people that want them. I won’t take offense to someone telling me to save my time. I will remove you from the list immediately. If, by some fluke you still get them after you’ve asked not to, check the email address again, and send another request.

Do you do repairs or resizing of other people’s work?

Yes. I’ve done a lot of repairs on other’s work, and will continue to do so. However, I recommend simply purchasing the same item from me, and having it covered by my guarantee, rather than repairing an old piece. The materials I use are vastly superior to many of those used by other people. As well, I only use saw cut rings, which may make the repair look a little like a silk patch on a burlap sack… If you wish me to do repairs on another’s work, you will be charged for materials, labour, and shipping on the item(s). Also, my guarantee will not cover the remainder of the piece, only the part that was repaired by me.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently, for our global customers, I accept credit cards, but ONLY through PayPal. No exceptions. If you do not wish to use PayPal, International Money Orders are acceptable, but nothing will begin or be shipped until it has cleared. If you are in Canada, EMT (Email or Electronic Money Transfer, also called Interac Email Transfer or CertaPay) is also accepted. Personal cheques are not accepted, regardless of situation.

I do not see any prices anywhere. Am I missing something?

The only set prices are on pieces that are already made. Everything else is made to your exact specifications, and the price varies from piece to piece. Metal prices change so rapidly, and metal is purchased at the time the order is made, so this means VAST fluctuations.

How in the world do I order something from you?

The same way as always. :) Of course, for those of you new to SteelWeaver, it is quite simple. Decide the item(s) you want, and drop me an email. Some things to think about are what metal, weave, and thickness you want your item(s) to be! Measurements are always good too! And if it’s something completely off the wall, don’t worry, I’ve seen it all before. You can send an email by going to the Contact page, or by any number of Instant Messaging programs, all linked at the bottom of every page.

Do you ship to…?

Yes. If it is a country that Purolator, XpressPost, or FedEx ships to, I’ll ship it to you. There are SteelWeaver pieces literally on every continent in the world. At this time, we do NOT use or support UPS. Too many damaged and lost packages in the last 5 years. As well, due to a recent TORRENT of lost/stolen/damaged packages, no shipping (be they new orders, or returns for repair), will be accepted, or shipped, unless by one of the three aforementioned couriers.

I have a friend who would really like this stuff, but I can’t figure out what to get for them. Can I get gift certificates?

Yes. SteelWeaver will issue gift certificates in any amount. You can request either hard copy or electronic gift certificates too! If you want it electronically delivered via email to the person, all I need is their email address, and the date you want it delivered! I’ll even include a little personal note if you want.

If I order something, and it’s not just perfect, what can I do?

Everything we make is guaranteed for as long as my hands are attached to my body, and I can work the tools. If something doesn’t fit, or if it needs to be fixed because of normal wear and tear, send it back. I’ll fix it, or make it right. For a full breakdown of SteelWeaver’s warranty, click here.

If I order something, and it’s lost during shipping, what is your policy?

If something is lost, an insurance claim will be issued as soon as possible, with the courier. Once that is resolved, either the order will be remade, or the client will be refunded their full purchase price, plus shipping costs if the courier is found at fault. No refunds will be issued without this process being completed.

So, if I order something and 5 years down the road it gets caught on my car door while I’m getting out. You’ll fix it?


Ok, I’ve got 3 children that are constantly grabbing and pulling things (hair, clothing and jewelry are the favourite things for kids to pull)… One yanked the bracelet right off my wrist, while the other chewed my necklace off my neck. You’ll fix them?


Who takes your pictures?

All of the product shots on this site were taken by SteelWeaver, unless otherwise credited.