From Hollywood to Paris, the hottest red carpet trend is exclusivity. Haute couture – one-of-a-kind pieces, hand-crafted by individual artisans using natural sustainable materials – is the first choice of celebrities around the world. Precious metal weaves, derived from centuries-old techniques, can now be seen featured on the runway and in high fashion boutiques around the world.

Jewelry has long symbolized its wearer’s wealth and status. It’s been used to decorate every part of the body and, over time, has been made out of almost every material imaginable. Jewelry as adornment has been documented to date back 100,000 years, and metallurgy – the act of creating jewelry from metal – is known to have been around for more than 10,000 years, the age when humans first began using native copper, meteoric iron, silver and tin to create tools and jewelry ornamentation.

SteelWeaver is proud to honor this ages-old tradition. For more than a decade, he has been hand-crafting exquisite traditionally woven pieces with the finest precious metals – gold, silver, titanium, platinum and niobium.

Each piece of this elegant collection has been exquisitely crafted into original hand-woven metal art exclusively designed with you in mind.

Delicate and luxurious, this woven metal feels like silk against your skin. Classic, striking and sophisticated, SteelWeaver custom designs will transform your every look with runway glamor.

All original SteelWeaver gallery creations are hand-crafted from the finest precious and noble metals, resistant to corrosion or oxidation. The surfaces of these metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, are easy to clean and keep their luxurious sheen for a long time.

Titanium, named for the Titans of Greek mythology, is highly valued for its strength and lustrous shine. It resists corrosion even from sea water, aqua regia or chlorine. Unalloyed titanium is stronger than steel while being about half its weight. Titanium is characterized by its distinctive matte grey finish which polishes up to look like hematite.

Niobium, named for Niobe, the daughter of Tantalus in Greek mythology, is a rare, soft grey metal with low toxicity. Regarded highly by metallurgists for its ability to be colored by anodization, it has been used commercially since early in the 20th century.

All SteelWeaver custom fashion art pieces can be crafted with your precious metal of choice. Every piece has a lifetime warranty. And, because SteelWeaver uses only the highest grades of specifically alloyed metals, with special tools designed exclusively for this purpose, the wearer will never experience burns, snags or irritating scratches.

Original SteelWeaver metal art can now be found in every continent on the planet – in galleries and high fashion magazines, and on display in the Tower of London.